Smoothie & Spaghetti Squash

We had a great day at church today. Jeff even got out of the house this morning, and taught our Sunday school class, mere days after his spinal surgery, and I was very proud of him. This little nugget was a bit emotional, but she settled in and had a good morning, and got these beads from her class!

Church was great, but going out to lunch was not going to happen, so we went through the Captain D’s drive-thru to take it home. I got grilled salmon and ordered broccoli and green beans with it, and it automatically came with the rice, plus a breadstick that I gave to Emmie. I wasn’t going to take a picture because I wasn’t expecting it to be worth mentioning, but after taking a few bites, I realized it was surprisingly yummy! This was too much food though, but a great meal, for $8-ish dollars!

All three of us napped for right at two hours, then we had some sleepy snuggles on the couch watching some tv, after we woke up. Once we were ready to get up and moving, Emmie and I ran to CVS to pick up my new diabetes testing kit prescription, and got ourselves a special treat. My friend from church Venmo’d me $5 last Wednesday (Jeff’s surgery day), and said, “treat yourself to something nice on this stressful day.” I didn’t end up getting anything last week, but today was the perfect day to grab a keto chocolate smoothie (with only 2g sugar) and share it with my girl on a picnic blanket in the front yard. So we grabbed our favorite outdoor blanket, and filled a basket with stuffy’s, books, and activities, and headed outdoors!

I made this little video of our fun playtime, and it came out so super cute, and I’m honestly really proud of it

Once we started getting a little too chilly in the shade, I ran inside to start dinner, by putting a giant spaghetti squash in the oven to bake! With my new gestational diabetes diagnosis, I’ve been trying to make adjustments to our meal plan. So tonight I tried making this for the first time…

Once It was cut and scraped & drizzled and seasoned and into the oven, we went back to the carport to play in the sunshine, where it was warmer.

And this turned out so perfect and delicious! Topped it was some good ole meat sauce and the good parmesan, and all three of us loved this! And it made so much, we still have enough for Jeff and I to have big old bowls of leftovers tomorrow.

I was actually still super full from that smoothie, so I couldn’t even eat my salad, but all three of us cleaned our “pasta” bowls! And I was quite proud of myself for this meal 🙂

We did some playtime and family time after dinner, and as she was drinking some diet cranberry juice, she was asking about where they came from, so we watched a video about harvesting cranberries. Which was actually super interesting, and we all liked that one. Then we watched another one about harvesting bananas, followed by oranges as well.

We had a pretty smooth, sweet bedtime… until it was time for me to leave her room and her to go to sleep. Jeff went back in to calm her down (while I had a mini meltdown over nothing in particular, but my pregnancy hormones just overwhelmed me out of nowhere), and then things were fine.

Over the past two weeks my emotions have literally been ALL over the place with all that we’ve had going on, and it just gets the best of me sometimes. I’ve always been an emotional person, who cries easily, and so during pregnancy, it’s just even more so. But for the most part, I’m doing good, and we had a great day today, and I’m very thankful for this day of rest and playtime. Heading off to get some rest now, and prepare for a busy week (I have three different appointments this week), but hopefully it’ll be less stressful and surprising than last week!

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