Glucometer & Coffee Maker

Look at this little cutie in this sweet new springy outfit from Nana! Also, starting today, the parents get to do drop-off and pick-up in the kids’ classrooms instead of the lobby, and we loved it! It was so good to see her friends and her room and talk with her teachers, and Emmie just loved it!

At 29 weeks today, and knowing I will for sure have a scheduled C-section sometime between 37-39 weeks (depending on my glucose levels and the fact that I previously had a uterine fibroid removed during my first C-section), we officially have less than two months to go. And that’s crazy! And a little terrifying!

So yesterday I mentioned that I had three appointments this week – the first was today with a quick nurse visit to learn how to use my new glucometer. So after testing that for the first time, I went back to the office to eat last night’s spaghetti squash leftovers and read for a tiny bit. And then two hours later, I tested my blood sugar levels for the first time. And not only was it super easy, but my levels were fine, and I was proud of that! (I have to test four times a day – my fasting level first thing in the morning should be under 90, and 2 hours after each meal should be under 120.) Oh, and I log all my food and glucose levels in a notebook now, too.

Also, today is my fave triplets’ 2nd birthday! They have certainly come a long way from the four-pound preemies they were when they were born, and now they’re hilarious and adorable little people!

These are the only two pics we got from school today, the first one is a little bit of a “Where’s Waldo” with Emmie, and the second one honestly confused me at first like, “but, she wasn’t wearing green today?”

Nana met us at school for a few minutes to drop off some homemade chicken salad, and Emmie picked a few tiny flowers again today.

I made sausage with peppers and onions for dinner (with what turned out to be nasty “veggie tots” made from broccoli & cheese), with the intention of wrapping it up in these lettuce leaves and doing a “bun-less” sausage dog. But the lettuce fell apart when just trying to wrap it up, so I ended up eatin git all with a knife and fork, which worked fine, and was super delicious.

Bedtime went well, up until it was time for me to leave her room, once again… So Jeff came in to take over, while I had myself another overwhelmed-pregnant-lady meltdown. Y’all, my emotions are just outta control these last few days…

And then I had to run to Target really fast, because our coffee maker randomly broke, for no reason. So I placed an order for pick-up in the app (which was my first time doing that with Target), and it was super fast and easy. I even used a gift card we found over the weekend while cleaning up, so it felt like we got it for “free.”

Jeff’s gonna get it all set up and run through a cycle of plain water, and then we’ll be ready for tomorrow morning.

I just tested my glucose level again, two hours past dinner, and it was only 103 tonight, so once again, I’m proud of that. Especially since I still haven’t actually talked to a bariatric dietician yet. (That appointment is Wednesday.) But random question – does anyone know what I’m supposed to do to dispose of the tiny needles & little blood strip thingies? I mean, do I just throw them in the trash, or is there some other more official way of disposal?

Anyways, I’m feeling better now than an hour or so ago, but definitely ready for sleep after a busy, stressful work-day, and a busy evening at home too. So bedtime will be very soon for me tonight.

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