Ultrasound & Taco Tuesday

We went into school a little late today (because I didn’t have to be a work right at 8am, since I had an appointment at 8:30), and we just so happened to get there at the same time Uncle Bo was there with the baby girls. So that worked out perfectly!

A friend at work yesterday gave me this mask for Emmie, because she accidentally ordered the youth size without realizing it. And Emmie was thrilled with it, and wanted to wear it to school today. Also, it’s dinosaur week at school (with a special wear-yellow day on Thursday for unknown reasons), so of course Emmie will be wearing dino clothes all week, starting with this new dino shirt from Nana!

And for my second appointment of the week, I went to my high-risk pregnancy doctor, Dr. Dobak, for another ultrasound. Baby Girl is approximately 3 pounds right now, measuring just a few days ahead, but still considered “average” in the 54th percentile. And then they did this 3D scan part, which I didn’t even know we were going to do today, and it was so incredible! On the computer screen, it actually comes up in “color” so she actually looked like real skin color, and it was honestly just so amazing!!! I cried when I saw her, of course, and then I cried because Jeff couldn’t be there with me to see it in-person, too. But man, I’m so ready to hold this little girl in my arms, in less than two months now! (Also, we think we have her name picked out, but haven’t pulled the trigger to “make the decision official” yet. But when we do, we’ll definitely share it!)

She is still not napping very long lately, but she’s still been having a good day. And her activity report said, “Today we made stomping dinosaur feet.” So cute!

After Jeff’s surgery last week, his younger brother Brad (who lives in Central Georgia), reached out and offered for their family to help out by sending groceries or a gas gift card or a meal for dinner. We were very gracious of that offer, and took them up on it for dinner tonight. Jeff chose taco night from our favorite place near our house, Pancho’s. Brad placed the order for us and set it up for pick-up at 6pm, so after I picked up Emerson from school, her and I headed there to grab it. We were about 10 minutes early, so we had to sit and wait for just a few minutes, but I didn’t mind because my girl was being so perfect and sweet. And while we sat there, I showed her the 3D ultrasound picture, and she loved it so much!

I got my favorite al pastor street tacos, and even a little bit soggy from the drive home, they were still delicious! I only ate about 5 bites of my rice (even though I wanted way more), but knew it probably wouldn’t be very good for the blood sugar levels. I did eat a fair amount of chips though, as kind of an experiment to see how it would effect me. (Spoiler alert – just checked my glucose level, and I was 11 points above what they want, so I’m thinking just the corn tortillas by themselves might have been fine, but without all the chips to go with it.)

After dinner, but before Jeff and I had gotten up from the table, Emerson asked us to turn on a show for her. I told her not yet, but that she could find something else to do, and very sweetly, without any whining, she found this activity mat and got it out and started entertaining herself. I was proud of her, and she was proud of herself, and told me twice, “Look Mommy, I’m inbataming myself!” (Or some silly toddler-version of that 😉 )

We did end up turning on the tv for some snuggle times after playing, and she was super sweet and cuddly with me. She did much better at bedtime tonight than the last few nights, and I was very grateful for that. (Especially since Jeff fell asleep on the couch at 7:30pm, and I did it all on my own.)

I was so grateful for the chance to not cook or clean tonight (thank you so much to Brad & Ashlie!), because I’ve been feeling overwhelmed the last few days with all the household stuff that I have to do all by myself for a while since Jeff is recovering from surgery and can’t pick up anything over 5 pounds. I’m feeling less stressed and burdened today (I think partly because the day started on such a great note with the ultrasound and seeing Baby Girl), but also just I’m in a better frame of mind today. Thankful for sweet friends and family who take care of us and check on us in these crazy times!

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