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Another day, another dino outfit! This dress was a birthday gift from Grandmommie last summer, and although it’s too short to wear as a dress anymore, it’s certainly cute with some leggings underneath it! 

This goofball kept getting closer and closer and closer, and wanted me to take a picture. She actually got even closer than this, but but I figured we didn’t need a picture of the inside of her nostrils 😉

And then we had kind of a rough drop-off. She had been goofy and silly and sweet outside, but then at the classroom, she freaked out. Ms. Nicole gave her a clipboard to hold to “help” her out, but then she still ran down the hallway screaming for me. When I finally got away, Ms. Nicole was holding her, but she was still crying. I said a prayer for her as I drove away, and I’m sure she was fine shortly after that, but it was still tough. 

For my third and final appointment this week, I did a telehealth conference call/class with a diabetic dietician (and five other pregnant ladies with gestation diabetes), to learn more about what GD is and the best things to eat and how many carbs we can have per meal/snack. I took lots of good notes, and now I’m feeling much more prepared to do this the next two-ish months. For one thing, we have “carb budgets” per each meal & snack, and she recommended counting carbs using the MyFitnessPal app, so I started doing that today too. Soon after my class ended, I checked my sugar level (below range), and then had a zero-carb snack 🙂

Emmie had a super short (less than one-hour) nap today, but other than that, she had a good day, and I got some extra photos from last week that were never sent, that are super cute!

She made an “Emerson-saurus” today!

Early this morning, after making a pot of coffee, I also threw a rotisserie-flavor pork loin in the crock-pot. So when we got home tonight, I had minimal work left to make a meal. I baked some cauliflower fries and steamed a bag of green beans in the microwave, and ta-da, delicious and healthy meal ready to go! And these veggie fries ended up being wayyy better than the veggie tots we tried a few nights ago, so we’ll definitely have those again sometime. 

I forced Emerson to eat just two green beans, but she wouldn’t even eat one whole veggie fry. So she said, “can you get me two other sides instead of this please?” So I got her a string cheese and an applesauce pouch, and she ate all her pork, and she was good to go!

She splashed around in the bathtub like a crazy person for a while, and then we got her dried and dressed and ready for bed. She needed another snack, of course, just like always, and then we read our bedtime book together. 

She was a little fussy and whiny at bedtime, but nothing like some of her crazier shenanigans from earlier this week. Daddy came back to her room for one more goodnight love (before she had a meltdown), and then she was ok and settled down to sleep. 

I had washed up some dishes earlier tonight while the “fries” baked, and then there were very minimal dirty dishes created from tonight’s meal, and  you know I’m gonna leave those for tomorrow. One of the things I learned in my class today was that it’s actually important not to skip a bedtime snack, but to choose something high in protein. So I’m off to check my sugar one more time tonight, watch some Netflix, and then make sure to find myself a good snack!

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