After-Dinner Stroll

Today as “yellow day” at school, so we chose a cute yellow rainbow t-shirt, and she chose her dino shoes to go with it, since it is still dinosaur week!

The baby triplets actually got to school before us today (we were running a bit late), so we stopped by their classroom for some quick hugs. Riley was still finishing her breakfast, but Kensley and Ellie came running over yelling, “Emmie! Emmie! Emmie!” and both hugged her so tight! They were all so precious.

We had a good ole Stouffer’s meatloaf for dinner tonight (that Jeff put in the oven for me around 5pm, so it would be ready a little after 6pm once Emmie and I got home), with some steamed broccoli and some mashed cauliflower with the meatloaf gravy. And this was all really good! I didn’t tell Emmie it wasn’t potatoes, and she cleaned her entire plate! She was happier with tonight’s sides than last night’s 😉

And she still needed an applesauce pouch for a little bit of something extra…

And we had a quick video call with Aunt Meggie and the triplets!

After dinner, we went as a family on a short little 25-ish minute walk down our street and back. The weather was nice and it was good to be outside, but man I was tired by the time we got back!

I went to sit down in the cozy chair in the dining room to rest, and she came with her little tablet and a few books and said, “Since we’re tired I got us some quiet activities.” I taught her how to draw a rainbow, and we did it over and over again, about 8-10 times.

And then she wanted me to draw the three of us on our walk, but I’m not really an artist, so this is as good as I could do… and no one even has any arms, haha 🙂 But she drew the clouds up in the sky to finish everything up.

Her and Daddy snacked on some popcorn together while we all watched some of “A Bug’s Life,” but I was still too full from dinner so I didn’t have any. She then knocked the bucket over onto the floor, and we had to spend 10 minutes picking it all up off the couch and the floor and then vacuuming the tiny crumbs.

Bedtime actually went quick and easy (maybe because we wore her out on our walk?), and then I ran to Walgreens to pick up a few random things.

I got some of those Premier protein shakes while I was there, because the dietician yesterday said that’s a great bedtime snack to help control the glucose levels overnight. So I’m gonna have one of those soon, and then head off to bed.


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