Today was silly sock day, and all four baby girls were wearing coordinating silly socks and their purple Growing Room t-shirts. And of course all four of them were looking absolutely adorable!!

And one of Emmie’s teachers is the employee of the month, and her and one of her little twin besties are on the cute announcement on the front desk.

And here’s her and one of her twin buddies having another craft date again today!

She looks a little lonely playing at this table all by herself… BUT – she only napped for a little over an hour today, but her friends usually sleep for 2 hours. So my guess is that they let her play quietly at this table when she woke up before everyone else 🙂

She picked this little “flower” to bring home to Daddy, “since he wasn’t feeling too good.”

Jeff requested some Asian food for dinner, so Emmie and I picked up dinner from Bento on the way home. We got the pao pao chicken & shrimp with brown rice, and shared it, plus a sushi roll too. Emmie had kind of a hodge-podge dinner with rice, cheese noodles, and strawberries, and then decided she wanted to try the spicy chicken and the sushi too. She wanted to try using the chopsticks as well, so we used some of her tiny ponytail holders and made the kiddie ones like they do in the fancy Chinese restaurants. And not only did she do very well with them, but she ate her entire plate, every bite, using them!



She wanted to wear her silly socks to bed, so we put them over the top of her pants legs, just like with her little jeggings earlier, and she was very thrilled with it. We snuggled and colored and watched some of “Trolls” after dinner, and then headed off to bed eventually.

She was very sweet and precious at bedtime, and things went really well tonight.

Jeff has been asleep off and on (mostly on) for most of the day, in the living room recliner, still recovering. He was able to get up and move around the house some today, as well as eat dinner tonight. Which was followed by ice cream for dessert, for him at least, I just had one tiny bite. He’s still moving slow and in some pain, but he’s starting to act more like himself and he seems more optimistic to me today.

We’re gonna try to get some chores done around the house tomorrow, and we’ve got some family coming to help us out with that, and hopefully we can make some good headway in getting ready for Baby Girl’s arrival!

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