Another rainy, dreary day, but my girl was happy and ready to head off to school! Well actually, she started whining about something before they left, and I said, “If you calm down and hurry up, you’ll probably get to school at the same time as Aunt Meggie and the triplets!” And so she calmed down and was fine after that!

And the timing at school worked out perfectly, even though none of the girls were really very interested in smiling, or at least looking at the camera, for photos today 😉

But me and my tiniest girl had a better day today than yesterday, and she slept more, and I was able to feel a little more free, and we enjoyed our day together more 🙂

I got this really cute video of her with the hiccups, and she even made some super cute little coos and noises, and gracious she’s just so cute! Also, this is the first time she’s worn a 0-3month onesie, and it was still too big for her 🙂



I even got her to nap in her bassinet today, twice! Both were only about an hour long, but it’s the best she’s done in a long while, and I was very proud of her.

We actually got a call from Growing Room right before 3pm today, needing us to come pick up Emerson because they thought she had pink eye. So Jeff ran to pick her up early and run her to the doctor’s office. They saw Dr. Abby, and she confirmed it was pink eye, and so of course called in some eye drops for her.

Once they got back home, Jeff took the boys to a church youth group pool party, and Grammy and Grandmommie came over to be with me and the girls. We had leftover pork from last night for dinner again tonight, and just had time to hang out and play together. Grammy helped get Emmie’s eye drops in (that was a whole traumatic ordeal), and helped us with bedtime.

Jeff and the boys got home right after I got Emmie down, so Jeff went in to love her goodnight. She was a little pitiful still and needed extra TLC, so she came and snuggled him in the living room for a few minutes, before heading back to bed. Addie also needed some extra TLC, so I gave her lots more snuggles before laying her down in her boppy for some sleeps.

We have to keep Emmie out of school tomorrow because of her pink eye, so it’ll be interesting having all of us here all day, especially since Jeff will actually be working tomorrow, and I’ll mostly be doing everything by myself. So pray Emmie’s eyes clear up quickly, and that we all have a good day tomorrow!

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