Second Breakfast

As usual, Emerson was up before the sun today. Actually, she came into our bed around 11:40pm last night, just crying and upset and not feeling good. Then she woke up around 4:30, same thing again, but we got her back to sleep for a little longer, before she finally got up a little before 6am. She started out the day with a bowl of cereal for her first breakfast…

Jeff fed Addison a bottle and then cuddled her for a while, and then passed her off to me so he could get his work day started.

Since she wasn’t feeling very well, I pretty much just let her play on her Kindle as much as she wanted to, so she could stay chill and calm and get some rest. At least she has some educational games and apps, and she worked on her letters and numbers and stuff, in addition to watching Raya & Doc McStuffins all day long 😉

I was able to lay Addie down in her bassinet in our bedroom, so I could get breakfast and coffee for myself. But of course Emerson wanted to know what I was up to, and decided she needed some eggs and coffee too, for her second breakfast, like a tiny hobbit, of course. 😉

So Jeff gave me my first Kindle Paperwhite as a wedding gift back in 2013, and it’s served me very well since then, and I’ve read loads of books on it. It is still in pretty good working order, but has gotten very slow lately. So when I got an ad for a new one on Prime day earlier this week, I quickly clicked to check it out. So for about $99, I got a new Kindle Paperwhite and new case to fit (which goes with my new lemon & orange obsession), and I’m so excited about it! I actually have a Chase credit card that I earn Amazon points with, so I used my points and got all of this for “free!”

Little Lemon girl had herself a really good day – napped well, and ate well, and had a good amount of wakeful time, just looking around and staring at Mommy (while I tried to keep her out of Emmie’s coughing range).

Around lunch time, I got Addison back to sleep and laid her in her bassinet. The bassinet was still in our bedroom (so we could keep her out of Cough-y McSnotterson’s germs as much as possible), but I wanted it further out of the way, and further from the door, and out from under fan, so I pushed it over until she was literally inside our closet. But she slept there for a little over an hour, so it worked out well!

After lunch, Emmie helped me make a pound cake, just for fun. (Both boys, at separate times, asked me why I was making a cake, like a needed an occasion to make a yummy cake!) Actually, this is the cream cheese pound cake Erin and Mallorie made with Ms. Dot on one of the last few episodes of the most recent season of Home Town. Erin then shared the recipe on her Instagram, and everyone and their brother started making it and posting photos.

Well, that was back when I had gestational diabetes, so I couldn’t make it then. But I finally made it today! And I made a huge mess in the kitchen! I also had to switch bowls halfway through mixing everything, because this white one wasn’t big enough. I actually had flour all over the place, and saw some of the batter fly across the kitchen (never found where it went). But we did it, and it turned out delicious!

Emerson only napped for like 15-20 minutes, and I couldn’t get her to go back to sleep. But I actually got Addison to nap for right at two hours in her crib in her room!

While she was napping, after I sat back there for a while reading, I got started on dinner. I made my mom’s recipe for shepherd’s pie (for maybe only my second or third time), with Caesar salad and crescent rolls. Since Addie was napping so well, and Emmie was occupied on her Kindle, I had plenty of time to cook and prep, and didn’t feel crazy rushed for once, and I really enjoyed making dinner tonight! (Emmie “helped” by mixing the salad, after I had already mixed it.)

Emerson was super difficult at dinner time, but I did eventually get her to eat a decent meal, and then she asked me in the most pitiful voice with those big bright blue eyes if she could have a popsicle, and of course I told her yes.

I ate dinner with all the kids while Jeff gave Addie a bottle, then I held her and burped her while he ate dinner and we all watched Raya a little before Emmie’s bedtime routine.

Daddy read her book to her tonight since I was still holding Addison, and then we did all the rest of her stuff like usual. The eye drops are still an ordeal every single time, but we’re working through it…

Ryan took out the trash and recycling tonight, and Gabe is currently washing up all the dishes. Emmie is sleeping soundly in her room, and Addie is sound asleep on her Boppy on the couch. So now it’s just time for me to relax! Even with Emmie having a sick day (she’s actually got a stuffy nose and cough to go with the pink eye), and all six of us being home all day long, it really wasn’t too bad. It did feel like just too many people at one point (which is why I got Addie to sleep in her crib, so her and I could both have a quiet minute), but things were fine and we made it through the day!



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