Fortnight, Florida, & Frother’s

Emerson was our only little girlie to go to school today, but she was still smiling about it. Unfortunately, Addison woke up at 6am and threw up. (Luckily, we could tell it was coming, so Jeff got her to the sink in time.)

So I went in to work early (gonna do overtime again this coming week), Jeff took Emmie to work, and then he stayed home with our pitiful little Addie Pie.

They had to fun out to the pharmacy for some meds and gatorade, so they also stopped by the Frother’s Daughter coffee truck, to surprise me with the Taylor Swift themed coffee special of the day, for the new album release.

Taylor released a surprise double album titled “The Tortured Poets Department” today, and one of the tracks is titled “Florida!!!” So Frother’s made a special “Florida” drink, which was so stinking delicious, especially since I love anything almond or amaretto flavored.

(Shout-out to my girl Angie for photo-shopping some white nail polish on me, when I was mad at myself for forgetting to actually paint my nails last night in honor of the new era. She volunteered to do it when I sent her my pic, cuz just she just gets it as a Swiftie, and she gets me with my nails. 🤣)

Sadly, Addison did end up throwing up again a second time around mid-day, but then she took a two hour nap on the couch and Jeff said she woke up feeling a little bit better.

Jeff and Addie picked up Emerson a little early from after school today, and I worked late tonight for overtime. Jeff and I wanted pizza (it’s our typical Friday night choice!), but the girls wanted nuggets, so I picked up Chick-fil-A for all of us.

Emerson was wearing her little sleepy mask when I got home, and wore it the whole rest of the night. She also ate her entire meal, cuz girlfriend was apparently starving! Addie on the other hand, ate about half of one nugget, buz she just didn’t feel like eating still. And Jeff was confused about whether I said I wanted a Shirley Temple, or a cherry coke, so he made me both 🤣

And even after eating her entire big-girl meal, she still ate this giant ice cream sandwich too. Maybe she’s having a bit of a growth spurt right now!?

Emmie went out and played around in the backyard for a little while after dinner, but sweet baby Addie jut sat in her little tiny chair watching her sister be silly.

In the middle of our Bluey episodes, I took a quick break to sit at the computer, so I could watch the premiere of the official music video for the lead single “Fortnight” from the brand new T-Swift album.

Addie was still not feeling good, so she fell asleep easily. Emmie was fine, but she did fall asleep very fast still, after we read a book and did our prayers and lullaby.

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