Strange Saturday

Today was a rather strange-feeling day… It started off normal with cinnamon rolls and chores around the house. But then I dropped off Emerson at her bestie Daisy’s birthday party. And that was the first time we’ve even dropped her off like that without staying during the party. And it was a long party too! I dropped her off around noon, and didn’t pick her up until right after 7pm.

Got these pics from the birthday hostess, but I’ve covered up the girls I don’t even know, since I always ask parents before putting pics of other kids here on my blog.

Anyways, after dropping her off, I tried a Venezuelan food truck on that side of town that I had heard about and been wanting to try. It’s called DeJaVu. Jeff had stayed home with Addison, so it was just me, but this beef arepa was delicious. They are a food truck, but they’re in a permanent spot right before the main entrance of Killearn Estates, so they have a nice shaded area with picnic tables to eat at.

I had forgotten to setup my Walmart grocery pickup order for this weekend, so I did a solo grocery trip to Aldi this afternoon, which I haven’t done in forever. I didn’t even have a list! I just slowly perused the store, and let the spirit lead me towards what to buy and made up a meal plan along the way…

It was past 3pm by the time I got home from my gallivanting, so I sat down to rest and cool off (it is so hot already), and ended up falling asleep on the couch for a bit. We made some Aldi frozen pizzas for dinner around 5:30, and Addie ate her leftover burger Jeff got her for lunch today. Then I ran back across town to pick up Emerson from the party.

Jeff had given Addison a bath right before I got back home with Emerson, then I helped Emerson get in the shower to get cleaned up. She was exhausted from playing out in the sun and water slide all day, and was falling asleep on the couch in no time. Addie wanted to snuggle up with her, and although they’re very cute like this, it didn’t last long before they were bothering each other and Addie had to go back to Daddy’s lap.

I actually left Emerson sound asleep while I came to write this, and Jeff was still rocking Addison in the recliner. It’s time to get them both to their beds now, and then I think I”ll paint my nails and we can watch some tv. So although we did normal Saturday things like chores and groceries, it still just felt like a strange Saturday, since Emmie wasn’t with us for most of the day!

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