For a Fortnight

Jeff was on the tech team this morning, and I was in the preschool room in GC Kids Jr, so we were all there a little early, but 9am isn’t so bad. The girls were adorable and ready for a morning at church!

We ended up with 21 preschooler’s today, so it was chaotic, but we managed, and had a good morning learning about good choices and bad choices, and the “Jesus gives me a choice!”

Got this picture of the silly baby and her silly friend from the toddler class teacher this morning.

When I was at Aldi yesterday, I noticed a “new” restaurant there I hadn’t seen before, Charley’s Cheesesteaks. I think they used to be in the mall food court actually, but moved here recently instead. And it was so delicious. I got the traditional sandwich, Jeff got a bacon cheese-steak, and we shared this ridiculously indulgent loaded fries, with cheese, bacon & ranch. Emmie loved the chicken philly we got her, and Addie loved all the pieces of steak I pulled out of my sandwich to share with her.

There was a tv right next to our table, and they were showing last year’s collegiate national gymnastics competition, and of course Emerson was glued to the show. She loved watching them, and wanted to show off her little moves too, and of course Addison had to copy-cat big sister too.

I, personally, was exhausted after my morning in preschool, so it was nap time when we got home. We got both of the girls down for a nap, and then I slept on the couch and Jeff fell asleep in the recliner, after we attempted to watch tv but neither of us could keep our eyes open.

Then it was time to get ready and head back to the church for our bi-weekly connect groups. I made a giant ice water and a normal size iced coffee for the road for energy and hydration.

We had a nice night at church of dinner with friends and small group about prayer and this beautiful sunset on our way home.

Sweet little girls had a snack when we got home, and then gave each other sweet hugs before heading off to bed.

Emerson helped me pick out these 14 video clips to make a cute little “for a fortnight” video with Taylor’s newest single, and it turned out pretty cute.



Addie fell asleep quickly tonight, but Emmie needed extra snuggles. Time to go lay her down in her own bed, and then watch a little tv before bedtime.

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