Addison was just crab-walking her way into a new week this morning, heading into school. Please make sure to notice her little tiny pincers.

Emerson was all smiles for a new week at school as well.

Addie’s class had a fun little “green” party to celebrate Earth Day.

And then tonight it was the final night of the spring gymnastics session. They actually just played fun little gym games the whole time, and Emmie had a fun night. Summer session doesn’t start up again for another month or so, and we’ll enjoy the little reprieve. Hoping we can get her into another good class, at another good day/time.

I had put a pork loin and potatoes in the crock pot this morning, then Jeff just opened up a can of green beans to complete the meal. He and Addie ate when they got home, then I fixed up plates for Emmie and me after we got home from the gym. We watched a new episode of Bluey snuggled up on the couch. When Emerson and I went back to her room to read, Addison came knocking on the bedroom door, and wanted to come in for some more hugs and kisses.

Emerson is asleep in her bed already, and Addison is asleep with Daddy in the recliner. I need to go wash some dishes now, and then sit down and watch a little tv before my own bedtime.

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