Raspberries & Strawberries

Cute little matching girls today! Also, Jeff had to work on his car this morning, so I took both girls early, and even got to work 15 minutes early!

Gilchrist posted this photo on their Instagram story earlier today, and then I found out when I picked Emerson up from school, she actually painted one of these turtle shells today, in her Creative Academics (gifted) class. I can’t remember if I’ve shared on here before, but a few months ago they tested Emerson for the gifted program, and she got in! The turtle on the very top row in the center is Emerson’s. She was so excited to tell me about painting a real shell to make the turtle art.

Emerson asked to help me with dinner tonight, and of course little sister Addison had to get all up in it too. So Addie handed strawberries to Emmie, and she cut off the tips and diced them up (with her kid-safe knife). Then Addie scooped them into the bowl.

I microwaved some bacon, baked some hash browns, scrambled some eggs, and combined the strawberries and raspberries I bought from Aldi, and we had delicious breakfast for dinner. I’ve made these before, but this was the first time I put avocado on mine, and that was a welcome addition. (I’ve already scrambled some extra eggs tonight, so that I can make another one of these work lunch tomorrow at work.)

Daddy took the girls on a little romp about the backyard, checking on all the far-flung corners of the chain-link fenced-in yard, with them following on his heels the whole way.

Then they went about their own little adventures. I love watching and listening to them play together, especially out in nature, enjoying screen-free playtime and using their imaginations. I told Jeff tonight that I have such fond memories of Megan and I playing all sorts of games in our own backyard, with mud and leaves and whatever we could find. I’m glad my girls will grow up doing that very same thing!

I love that Emmie scraped up some moss, found a giant rock, and then filled this with a few leaves and flowers.

We did jammies and Bluey and snacks, and then it was bedtime. Emmie and I read her book together, and she was almost instantly asleep after that. I came back up to the living room, and found this precious little face sound asleep with Daddy.

After getting Addison to her bed, I finished putting away the leftovers, and the strawberries and raspberries just looked so cute in this old raspberry jelly jar I saved for reuse.

Time to just settle down and get a little bit of rest and reading and tv time before heading off to sleep.

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