Another Farm Field Trip

Today was Emerson’s field trip day to Redemptive Love Farm, and I took the whole day off to chaperone! And baby Addison was just cute and happy for her regular day at school 🙂

I dropped Emerson off at school at the regular time, and then I had some time to kill before meeting them out at the farm. It had been a whole year since I had this bacon jam, avocado, egg melt from Freshroots, but I knew that’s exactly what I wanted this morning. I was gonna try to read, but not only was my Kindle unexpectedly dead, but they were playing really good music (some 2010’s era country music that I used to love so much) and I just enjoyed singing along quietly and scrolling Instagram for a bit.

I stopped into Publix to pick up lunch to take for me and Emmie, then I drove the 30 minutes out to Miccosukee to meet the kids at the farm! They brought 4 (color-coded in their t-shirts) of the 8 first grade classes today (the others will go tomorrow), and we spent a couple of hours seeing alllll the animals, feeding some & riding some, and touring their farm. We saw the following: chickens, geese, ducks, guinea, peacocks, an emu, cows, horses, donkeys, llamas, camels, goats, pigs, bunnies, dogs, and probably one or two more I’m forgetting…

Emmie even got to milk a cow!

It was hot, and smelled like a farm, but the kids were well-behaved and Emerson kept saying how much fun she had. And I had a good day myself!



Emerson rode the bus back to school with the rest of her class, to finish out the last couple hours of school. So while she was there, I had some more time to kill, and just enjoyed myself – library, used book store, large iced chai from Red Eye, and a quick cat-nap in the car before picking up Addison, while I was actually waiting on her to wake up from her daycare nap.

I also listened to a large chunk of Britney Spears’ memoir on audio during the day, and ended up finishing it sometime during the afternoon. I was definitely a Britney fan back in the 90’s & early 00’s, but never knew about all the stuff she went through when she lost her kids, and the subsequent conservatorship we all heard so much about a few years ago. Very emotional story, and surprisingly well-written memoir.


I picked up Addison from school first, and then we picked up Emerson around 3:30. Then we went up to my office to parade them around and see all my friends and co-workers. Everyone loved them of course, giving them candy and snacks and treats. My Aunt Suzanne (who works in the same department/building as me) gave them the tiny bear and the lime green monkey, and my old boss from 12 years ago gave them both $10! So now I’ve got to take them shopping at Five Below this weekend 🙂

I finally sat down and got some rest when we got home a little after 5pm, then put together a simple (and mostly microwaved) meal for dinner once Jeff got home.

Today was a great, fun day, but man I’m exhausted! But now I need to take a little pre-midnight nap, so I can prepare myself for the midnight release of Taylor Swift’s newest album, “The Tortured Poet’s Department,” because it’s kind of a thing to listen to the whole thing right at midnight. So, I’ll rest up until then, and go to bed immediately after I finish, but I’ll probably need some extra coffee to get through tomorrow!

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