Food Truck Lunch

My sweet Grandmommie crocheted a pretty blanket for Emerson to give to her favorite teacher, Mrs. Q. Emmie carried the bag to her at school this morning, and was even sweet enough to help her open it.

And then she got busy playing!

Sadly, the Sonny’s on Timberlane Road had a kitchen fire a few weeks back, so they are shut down for repairs. But lucky for us, they’re running a food truck instead, and they will be coming to our office every Thursday this month! So for lunch today, Tammy, Heather and I walked down to treat ourselves to yummy barbeque! I got my usual, which is always the turkey sandwich, plus fries and a sweet tea, all for only $7.50. Which is actually cheaper than in the restaurant, so that’s a win!

We each went back inside to our own offices, and I finished reading my book while eating. And wow guys, this book was good. Even though I was on the fence, and I’ll probably never read it again (it wasn’t an “easy” read), I ended up rating it 5 stars. Checkout my full review on Goodreads here.

The next two photos came from the parent portal app today. The second was when they were learning about sharing & she was sweetly giving her little friend the ball.

At 4:45, Jeff reminded me he had plans with a work friend tonight, what you told me about before, but I had completely forgotten about. I then decided I didn’t want to cook dinner, so I texted my mom, and invited Emerson and I to dinner at their house. she posted on Facebook this morning that she had put a Crock-Pot of chili on for dinner, so now we got to join in! my mom had ordered a new book for Emerson about the Nativity, and she read it to her for the first time tonight. It’s one of those touch-and-feel books, and Emerson loved touching every little spot while my mom pointed out all the characters of thee Bible story.

She found an old baby doll sitting in the rocking chair, and she instantly picked it up and loved it. She was holding up on her shoulder, tilting her head to the side, and padding the little baby on the back. She’s such a good mommy already! We have to get her a lot of practice now before all the triplets come next spring! She’ll be the best big cousin to those little girls.

We left their house a little early, so we could come home and get Emerson a bath before bed. (Her favorite toy tonight was Daddy’s sinus rinse bottle she found on the side of the tub.) She was exhausted, and went to sleep super fast after she was tried off and in her little nightgown.

Jeff is still out and about, so I’m cozied up under a super soft, red plaid Christmas-y blanket, watching Gilmore Girls. Night friends!

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