Singing Christmas Tree

Look at this adorable baby bear, in her new little coat with ears on the hood!

And look how she just tucked this little cow into her jacket for safe-keeping for a bit…

Then Mrs. Q started singing a song about the months of the year, and Emerson immediately went over to the poster with all the months on it! Mrs. Q said they were all sitting in a circle yesterday singing it, & Emmie got up & walked all the way across the room to point at the poster. This girl is just so smart!

I started a new audio book this morning. It’s a super short children’s book, about a 14-year-old boy who survives a small plane crash, and lives on his own in the Canadian forest. The writing is kind of annoyingly repetitive so far, but it’s an award-winning book, so I’m gonna finish it. Especially since I’m 50% through already, since I listen at 1.5x speed, and I was in the car a lot today.

On my lunch break, I went to the library to drop off the book I finished yesterday, and pick up some holds. But there were more books than I realized! Two of my long-time holds (I’ve been on the waiting list for months) came through this week, after I had already placed two new books on hold with no waits. So all four came through today!

I’ve actually already read and completed “The Deal of a Lifetime” on my lunch & afternoon breaks, since it was only like 70 pages, with simple illustrations throughout. It was a short novella, but it packed a serious punch. It was really good. I’m starting the Jodi Piccolt book next, since I’ve been waiting the longest for that one, and then we’ll go from there!

I got off work a little early today, in order to have enough time before I had to be at church. I picked up Emerson and we met my parents for dinner at Newk’s.

Then I went to church for the first performance night of the Singing Christmas Tree! And I’d say it went pretty well. First photo stolen from a church friend’s Facebook, but I drew a yellow circle & arrow, so you can see where I stand up there! And the second photo is my tree buddy, Katie!

While Jeff and I were at church, my parents took Emmie on an adventure! They got her all bundled up, and they went on the hay ride through the live nativity scene at KUMC. My mama used to take my sister and I when we were younger, and it’s such a cool experience! My parents said she absolutely loved it, and was so fascinated and enthralled seeing all the people, campfires, animals & Bethlehem scenes. (My mama doesn’t like this photo my dad took of her, but I just love it!)

One performance down, two to go. If you’d like to come, it will be at Bradfordville First Baptist Church, Saturday & Sunday at 4pm both days, and it’s completely free! We’re just collecting diapers to donate, but that’s not mandatory or anything.

I’m exhausted after a big Friday, and glad to be home, warm & cozy on the couch.

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