Dinner with the New Governor

My little sweet baby girl is really getting into reading books these days, and I love it! I have so many dreams and high hopes of us reading lots of books together as she grows up. So seeing her love books as a 1-year-old gets me excited!

Also, leaving her every day is a little bit easier, when she loves her teacher, and a teacher who loves her too.

Her teachers sent me these next three photos, the caption for the first one said, “A little girl with such a big piece of bread!” (For the record, it’s plastic from their play kitchen.) The second one is from arts & crafts time, making construction paper wreaths.

After work, we met for family dinner at 4Rivers. We all got there around 5pm, and we were the only people in the restaurant. Then a huge black SUV pulled up to the front door, two people in suits came in, and then the new Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his wife came in, followed by two more security suits. The Governor & his wife got their own food, and then (in an empty restaurant) sat two tables down from us. As they walked by, they both said hello to our family, and even stopped specifically at Emerson to ask her name & age. She smiled so big and waved her little hand, and stole the show!

I mentioned to them that when I voted a few weeks back, Emerson went with me, and we indicated we had voted for him, and he was very gracious. I got him in the background of a couple photos, not completely on accident. We just thought it was so neat that they were out & about, eating dinner at a regular restaurant, and were super nice to us.

They finished and left before us (we we’re enjoying a lazy meal), they took time to tell us goodbye and good evening, which we also thought was nice.

Then my parents, Grandmother, Aunt Suzanne and Emerson went to a special Christmas program at my sister’s church, while myself, Jeff and Uncle Keith went to dress rehearsal at our church for the dress rehearsal for our Singing Christmas Tree choir presentation. Since we were at church until almost 9pm, my parents brought Emmie back to our house, got her ready for bed, and put her to sleep. When we got home, they stayed and we chatted for just a bit before they went home.

Meeting the new Governor was tiring for all of us, so we’re cozied up and resting now!

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