Filipino Food

Can you even believe how cute these girlies are?! Sometimes I can’t believe it myself.

Then Aunt Meggie sent this picture of the triplets so excited to love up on Addie when the got to school for drop-off.

Our office building has food trucks parked at our office almost every single day. (I rarely go, since I almost always pack a lunch from home.) But today was the first time a new truck came, and we were all very excited to try it out! It was called Murillo’s Kitchen, and they serve Filipino food. So my work bestie Heather and I made plans to go down and check it out, with a couple hundred others it felt like!

I got the grilled chicken rice bowl, that comes with this really yummy vinegar sauce with some diced onions in it, that I poured all of it over the bowl. And then I got an order of “lumpia,” which are these fried spring rolls. And all of it was absolutely delicious. The flavor of the chicken was so good, and I loved the vinegar sauce, and wished I had even more of it. Heather got the curry chicken bowl and hers was so colorful and full of veggies and she said hers was really good as well.

Jeff was doing one of his IT side jobs tonight, at someone’s house down in Crawfordville. So I picked up the girls and we decided on cereal for dinner, but only had honey nut cheerios at home, which Emmie doesn’t like. So we stopped at Dollar Tree and picked out a few different kinds of cereal, checked out this towering wall of headbands, and then headed home.

And then of course we just had to go outside to the backyard for the girls to run around and play and be wild. The skies were cloudy & gray, but we stayed outside until we felt the raindrops start falling, and then hurried back indoors to start getting ready for bedtime.

While Emmie sat in front of me and colored, Addie laid out every single clean blanket on top of my one leg. Then sat herself down and covered up her own legs. But she only sat there for about 10 seconds, and then was moving on to other things…

Jeff got back home while the girls and I were watching our Bluey episodes. We were glad to see him, and glad he was home to help with the bedtime routine!

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