Pink Plaid & Daisy Sunnies

Today was Addison’s spring picture day at school, so she was looking particularly springy and cute. Love her pink plaid dress. And Emerson was just looking so very fashionable, with all the fancy posing! Love her daisy sunnies.

And everyone had a good drop-off!

And then, I just forgot to take any more pictures the rest of the day/night! I worked until 6 tonight, so Jeff picked up the girls. Then I stopped to grab toilet paper on the way home, and Jeff got the frozen pizzas into the oven at home. I washed dishes while those were baking, and then we took turns eating dinner, since the girls’ pizza was done before ours.

It was late by that point, but I decided to throw the girls in the bathtub for a quick cleanup before bedtime. Then of course it was our normal routines for bed, and now Jeff is doing some of his side job work on the computer and I’m going to just sit back and watch some TV.

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