Easter Sunday 2024

We’ve had a beautiful, excellent Easter Sunday with our little family! We were at church at 7:15am, for Jeff and I to serve in both of our services this morning. Emerson came to watch mommy sing in the first service, and said she had a lot of fun. Then she went and had fun in GC Kids the rest of the morning.

We had adorable little photo backdrops set up. We had free coffee’s from The Frother’s Daughter coffee truck. We had tiny baby animals from Redemptive Love farm. And we had two incredible Easter services!

I actually led one of our worship songs this morning, and I told Jeff afterwards that during our second service (ya know, to toot my own horn), was the best I’ve ever sung the song. (Except for when I accidentally sand “all the-ation,” instead of “all creation.” But that’s minor.)

Loved getting one of my favorite coffees, for free right outside my church today! Emmie had an iced hot chocolate, and felt like such a big girl. She told me on the way to lunch, that she had “100mg of chocolate” 🤣

I was obsessed with the tiny baby bunnies, in the little tiny baskets, and didn’t wanna give it back…

We did lunch out before coming home for a late nap, and Addie was out like a light with her Daddy. I was trying to nap, but Emerson kept coming in my room every 10 minutes, because she couldn’t sleep, so that didn’t work out too well for me…

We had to wake Addie up eventually, so we could go over to Nana & PopPop’s house for our Easter dinner with them. The girls hunted some eggs of course, and we played outside, then had a delicious pot roast for dinner.

And then we went back outside gain, and someone got herself into some dirt. I don’t even know what exactly happened here, but you can see she even had it IN her little mouth, but she wasn’t barely even concerned!

We did a little sponge-bath situation of hands and feet in the bathroom sink, and then the girls helped make the strawberry shortcake for dessert.

And since the weather was perfect, we found ourselves back outside again, with bubbles on the back porch.

We got the girls into their jammies (and gave them their “sleepy gummies”) before we left Nana’s, so that when we got home we were able to immediately jump straight into bedtime. And the girls had run so wild tonight they were exhausted and very much ready for sleep. And after a very early, very busy morning, followed by a terrible attempt at a 30-minute-nap, I’m very much ready for bedtime myself now!

Oh also, here’s our little video mash-up of one-second-every-day in March!

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