Golden Eggs

Today was another big day full of fun Easter activities. We started the day with breakfast at Chick-fil-A with Nana, when I spotted this golden egg and let Emmie “find it” for a special treat. (Which was a card for a free sandwich or nuggets, and of course she was so excited.)

Nana got the girls these little sunglasses sets and bunny ears for Easter.

Then Nana took the girls to the Easter Egg hunt at my parents’ church, while Jeff and I had worship team rehearsal for Easter Sunday for a few hours, as I’m singing and he’s on the tech team. They had face paint and candy and popcorn and of course egg hunts!

Jeff and I picked up our Walmart grocery order when we left the church, then picked up the girls, then brought them home for nap time.

Addison was the only one that napped actually, but once she woke up, we went out to Grammy’s house for family Easter dinner. We decided to do it on Saturday this year, since Sunday’s are so crazy, chaotic, especially since we’re having two services at our church, and we’ll be there before the sun is even up, and stay there for the next five hours… Anyways, we had a great, chaotic, fun, delicious time all together tonight, and I for one enjoyed doing an Easter Saturday family dinner!

Kensley was very proud of herself for finding a golden egg at the hunt this afternoon.

We had a delicious dinner with ham, rice, macaroni salad, broccoli casserole, deviled eggs and bread, but I was too hungry (I skipped lunch today after that big, giant breakfast) so I just dove right in and forgot to take any pictures. And then we took turns giving all five little girls their baths, and into some fresh jammies. Bedtime went so quick and easy tonight because they were both so sleepy, and it was a little later than usual.

So now that they’re asleep, and the post is done, I need to redo my nails so they look nice for Easter tomorrow!

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