Double Muffins with Mom

Today has been a very full, very busy day! It’s also after 10pm already, and I’m absolutely beat, so let’s keep this short & sweet… These girls were even cuter than usual this morning!

I took both girls to school this morning, for TWO rounds of “Muffins with Mom.” All three of us started off at Growing Room, where Addie was kinda confused what was happening, and just wanted to go play instead, so our time there was very short, and we let her go play with her friends.

We stopped by to get some loves from the trips, where Emerson felt it was necessary to pick them up, even though they’re as big as she is (if not bigger).

Then Emerson and I went to Gilchrist, to have another “Muffins with Mom” in her little kindergarten classroom. And it was so incredibly sweet. They had made us cute little gifts, and they sang cute little songs, that actually made me tear up! (Can’t share the song videos tonight, but maybe in the future….) I absolutely loved our time at GES today.

To round of the employee appreciation week at work, we had Fiesta Friday, with free delicious taco lunch catered from the Lugo’s Burritos food truck. They loaded our plates down with all the things, and it was messy and delicious.


After we left, Addie had a good day at school.

Jeff picked up both girls from school this afternoon, and went over to his parents house. They had grilled cheese for dinner and hung out there for a while, while I was at book club tonight.

We had super yummy spaghetti casserole and Caesar salad and garlic bread. We had great conversations about books and movies and tv shows and some more books. And we had a great time. It was great to hang out with friends and talk about books.

Jeff was able to get Addison to sleep without me, but when I got back home at almost 9:45pm, Emerson was still laying in the floor wide awake watching tv. So I got her to bed after prayers and lullabies, and I think she fell asleep pretty quickly finally at that point. And now it’s time for me to fall asleep too!

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