Double BBQ

This Friday has been full of lots of good things! This morning started out with a sweet Mommy & Me breakfast at Emerson’s daycare. She had strawberries & pancakes, and I had the most delicious blueberry scone in the history of ever.

For lunch today, some of the big wigs at the office provided BBQ chicken & pork chops as the last hoorah of employee appreciation week. The luncheon was held at the training facility of our Wakulla prison (I work for the Central Office of Department of Corrections), so we got to take a work field trip 30 minutes south.

After work and picking up Emerson from school, her and I wandered around TJ Maxx for a bit, and might have bought a few people some gifts while we were there.

Then we met Daddy and some church friends at Sonny’s for a going-away dinner for a guy in our Sunday School class. Thus, Double BBQ.

Now she’s sleeping soundly, and we’re watching Netflix.

Oh and also, I bought my first pair of “jeggings” at Walmart last night and wore them to work today. Yall. They are stupid comfortable. I’m going back to get another pair asap. Especially since they’re only like $15. Whoop whoop!

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