From Coffee to Cousins

This morning started out with a special Mother’s Day outing, all by myself! First, I went to Lucky Goat for a quiet breakfast. I had the chocolate caramel cold brew (which is the flavor of the month) and a pistachio muffin. Both were super yummy. Then I went to get a much-needed pedicure!

This afternoon was spent at home playing with Emerson, and then a quick family trip to CVS. This little girl just loves riding in the buggy, and making friends with everyone we see!

After some more family time at home, followed by a movie for us (Maudie, which was a sweet, quirky movie and I loved it) and a nap for Emerson, we all headed to Woodville for Mother’s Day dinner with my dad’s side of the family.

All the sweet baby cousins like to play with each other, but don’t cooperate too well for a photoshoot all together… At least they’re all so cute still!

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