Dancing After Dinner

I’m feeling super tired again tonight, and ready to just turn my brain off, so I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. Plus, by now y ‘all know the basic ins & outs of our day-to-day routine anyways, so there’s not much explanation needed, right?


Today was one of my coworkers’ last day with us, so my boss brought breakfast for everyone. We had a quick little 15-minute chat time in the conference room (spaced out, with masks on), and then we took our plates back to our offices to eat breakfast. Baby girl and I were feelingĀ hungry this morning, so even after eating all of this, I went back and got two more chicken mini’s. Those bad boys are so good!

Made a super early dinner tonight – chicken sandwiches and Velveeta shells & cheese – and we all enjoyed it and ate every bite. Not all dinners have to be fancy or healthy or balanced or complicated. Sometimes they just need to be easy and quick and tasty.

Emmie danced around for about 20 minutes to some Yo Gabba Gabba songs (which honestly drive me nuts), but she loves them and loves dancing to them, and looks super cute doing it.

We watched a couple of cute Pixar “shorts” on Disney+ to settle down before bedtime. (The “Piper” one is super cute, but the “Lava” one makes me tear up every time.)

We had a couple of small fits at bedtime, but we were able to skirt around them before things got too bad. We read a book and had lots of hugs, and we finally got her to lay in her bed for sleep. I washed a round of dishes while dinner was cooking, and we ate off paper plates, so there’s only a few dirty things left in the sink, and those can wait for another day. Heading to veg out and rest now!

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