Emerson Got Stitches Tonight

Dressed snug as a bug in a “new” hand-me-down super soft jacket, waiting on her baby cousins. Emmie randomly decided she wanted to wear her mask today, which she does sometimes, because some of her friends do it.

Ellie had another doctor’s appointment this morning (poor nugget has had a rough week), but Emmie was glad to help Kensley & Riley get into class today.

At lunch time, my work-friends and I went out to Harry’s to celebrate Tammy’s birthday. We had coupons to pass around, because Tammy and I both got some for our birthday this month. So I ended up getting my jazzy shrimp tacos, grits and pink lemonade, for only $8, including tip! And it was sooo good. I finished off the tacos, and was stuffed, so I took the grits to-go.

Emmie’s day at school started off good, and she had a normal day, up until about 4:30…

Because at 4:31, I got a call from the school staff, saying Emerson was running around the playground and tripped and fell, and busted her forehead. They weren’t sure exactly why she tripped or what cut her head, but they thought she’d probably need to go to the ER. So, I RAN out of my office and headed from downtown to school as fast as possible.

When I got there, she was sitting up front with one of her favorite teachers, Ms. Lindsey, reading special books. I had Ms. Lindsey hold her while I pulled the bandaid off to check the wound, and sent a photo to my friend Greg who is an ER doctor (and also the husband to our friend/pediatrician Abby), to get his opinion. He said she’d definitely need some stitches, and advised we go to the Northside ER (which was conveniently right next to school), and he even called again to tell the doctor there that we were coming, and to take care of us. Which was hugely appreciated, and I think greatly aided in getting us seen a little quicker than normal.

Sweet little nugget was such a trooper, but she was so pitiful. We only sat out in the waiting room for about 10-15 minutes, but in that time, she said, “I love you, Mommy,” about 30 times, in the softest, sweetest little voice. It just about broke my heart every time! (Side note, for all the days she randomly wore a mask to school, I’m glad today was that day, so that we had one for her to wear into the ER tonight, because we don’t keep hers with us on a regular basis.)

After going through triage, they took us to a private room, and put this numbing jelly stuff on her head, and let it sit for about 45 minutes, while she played with some My Little Pony’s, and watched tv for a while.

The child life specialist came in to explain what was going to happen, and she told her they would give her a shot on the boo-boo, before doing the stitches, but that it might sting a little bit for about 10 seconds. That made Emmie really nervous, so when the nurse came in, Emmie was instantly upset and started crying. She sobbed her way through the lidocaine shot, but once we told her that part was over, we got her to calm down and she was fine. They let her play a game on the ipad while they did the stitches, and she did amazingly well during all of that. She ended up getting four stitches, that will dissolve on their own in the next 5-7 days. (Very glad we don’t have to go back to get them removed.)

Surprisingly, I didn’t cry during this whole event. I had to try really hard not to when they were putting the shot into the wound, but I held it together, because I knew it would make her more upset if I started crying too. Once I made it past that, I was OK, and am honestly shocked I didn’t shed a tear all night.

From the moment I picked her up, and of course the whole time we were there, she was very subdued and anxious and quiet. And then immediately after they were finished with the bandaid and the clean-up, she perked right back up! And gave me this huge smile!

And of course because of covid, only one parent was allowed in the ER, so Jeff made his way across town and came to just meet us in the parking lot once we were finally finished. She was SO excited to see him and took off running to him. She had specifically requested ice cream and sprinkles as her treat for being brave, so of course we had to get that for her! She ate almost 3/4 of her cheeseburger first, and then finished almost all of the ice cream too. And she was just the sweetest, happiest little girl, just like nothing at all was wrong!

It was 8:45 by the time we finally got home, and normally she’s in bed by 8pm. So not only was it very late, but her and I were both exhausted after that emotionally and physically draining evening. We got her dressed and ready for bed, and read one book. She was still so sweet and smiley, and giving us all the best loves and hugs.

She did really well at bedtime, and went to sleep really quick and easy. I’m sure her injury is still numb from the jelly stuff and the lidocaine shot, so I’m hoping it stays pain-free through the night, and she gets a really good nights’ sleep, so that we can get good sleep too!

Tonight was a little scarier than I cared to admit before, but now that the adrenaline has ebbed away and I can quietly contemplate, the tears are starting to come a little bit, and a headache has formed. A forehead gash like that is no small injury, but I’m glad it wasn’t anything worse. Praying that my little girl heals quickly without too much pain or complications, and that it heals up easily, quickly, and with only a slight scar.

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