Bath Bomb

Emmie wanted a McGriddle (of course), so her and Daddy ran out to pick up breakfast for the family, and bring it back home to me, since they let me sleep in until almost 8am! Look how sweet she was during prayer time. I love it.

Jeff did an out-of-town IT job today for one of his side gigs, so Emmie and I had some shopping time together, just us girls. We went to Bealls Outlet and sniffed some candles (and definitely purchased a few of them), and went to Walmart and got her a new outfit and some new jammies (plus new toothbrushes, toothpaste, and a bath bomb for Emmie).

While we were eating breakfast this morning, I told Jeff I was going to look for another new pair of yoga pants for myself. We moved on in the conversation, and then like five minutes later, Emmie was like, “Can I have some baby Yoda pants too?!” It took us a minute to make the connection, but gracious that made me giggle a lot! Then when we were at Walmart, we did actually find her a super cute little baby Yoda t-shirt! They smallest size I could find was a 4T, so I’m gonna wash it first and hope it shrinks a little, and then hopefully it won’t be too huge.

She finished the second half of her McGriddle for lunch, and then was super easy to get down for her nap today. I ate some leftovers for my lunch while she slept, watched a little Netflix, and then she was awake in just over an hour.

She helped me finish cleaning up the living room and kitchen, by putting away all her toys and jackets and shoes, and all of her clean laundry that I had folded while she napped.

And then we went out to Grammy & Papa’s house to spend the afternoon with them, and have dinner. Grammy had got her a fun little Frozen art kit, so they worked on that together for a while, and then threw some corn out for the deer.

My cousin Aaron and his wife Mandy came in today from Missouri, and they came over to my parents house tonight for a quick visit. This is the only photo we got while they were there though, because we were just sitting around chatting. (Thanks for the pic, Uncle Keith!)

When we invited ourselves over to my parents house for dinner, Grammy asked if we could just keep it simple with “salad eggs,” and I responded, “throw in a batch of tuna salad, and find by me!” So Emmie helped Grammy make the salad eggs, and Grammy whipped up the tuna, and it was delish. I want some more right now actually!

And of course the tiniest helper had to do the taste test, and decided it needed more mustard. Grandmommie pretended to add some more in, but didn’t even open the cap, and Emmie just dead-panned like, “Grandmommie, you have to flip this part to do it.” There’s no foolin’ this girl!

She ate a huge meal of salad eggs and pretzels, and was very happy to get the special unicorn rainbow ice cream that Papa found for her at the store earlier today.

She was super pumped to take a bath and use this Frozen bath bomb we found at Walmart today. She spent at least 20 or maybe even 30 minutes in there, splishing and splashing, and scrubbing the fizzing bomb on her palms the putting a purple handprint border around the entire tub.

We removed the bandaid after she got out of the bathtub, and she did surprisingly well with that, considering she has some post-heart-surgery-bandaid-removal trauma, and always freaks out. But she held Grammy’s hands while I took it off, and didn’t even whine or cry! Grandmommie brought her a mirror to check it out, so she could it out for herself.

These are the new jammies I got her at Walmart today, and I told her I wanted a picture of them, and she said, “OK, in the pantry!” So she ran to the pantry to get a snack, and let me take her picture of her new jammies, and I got a close-up shot of how her boo-boo is looking today, a little over 24 hours after getting the stitches.

She chose applesauce for her snack, and got snuggled up on the couch between Grammy and Grandmommie, and requested that Papa put on some of her favorite YouTube videos.

Papa started up the car for us to get it warming up, since it was like 39 degrees when it was time for us to leave. We headed on home, and found Daddy had gotten home just a few minutes before us, and she was so excited! She gave him lots and snuggles and hugs, and had him read her bedtime stories.

He head hadn’t been bothering her most of the day (I think the lidocaine shot hadn’t yet worn off), but she did say it was hurting at bedtime, so I gave her some ibuprofen and some water, and we had a great bedtime!

The candle is lit and the living room is tidy, so I’m gonna grab a little snack and go get warm under my super soft blankie.

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