Chilly Night for Chili

Baby girl finally went back to school this morning, for the first time all week! (Yes Monday was a holiday, and then she was out sick for three days, so her first day of school was a Friday.) She was bundled up nice and warm and cozy in her cute boots and her new little jacket from Grandmommie. The hood has little ears that make her look like an adorable baby bear.

She got to hang out with Aunt Meggie up front for a while this afternoon. She enjoyed some raisins for a snack, and then became the model for some little pilgrim hats they were making for next week.

Our shoes were the same color.

While I was making chili for dinner (and Jeff wasn’t home yet), this nugget made a giant mess entertaining herself in the kitchen. This was only part of it, there was more behind & beside me not pictured…

Then we got some play time together while the chili simmered on the stove for a while.

She brought her jacket over to me and was grunting and holding her arm out for me to put it back on her.

Jeff’s friend Ed from work brought us this little jar of chili seasoning from Chugwater, WY, after he took a trip out there a few months ago. We used it for the first time tonight, and it was the perfect chilly night for a pot of chili.

Emmie had mashed potatoes & crackers she could feed herself, and I fed her lots of bites of chili from my bowl.

We did bath time again tonight (she gets so messy eating these days!), and she had so much fun tonight. She was also being super sweet, and kept giving me wet hugs & kisses while IN the tub, and I didn’t care one bit my shirt was getting so wet. She was just melting my heart! We got her all dry and warm and ready for bed in her PJs. And I tested out the new “night sight” feature on my new phone, and wow it’s so bright! (Granted, there was a lamp on, but still, it turned out great!)

I’m glad it’s Friday night after a long, semi-stressful week with a sick, fussy baby. So, so very glad that the antibiotics are working, and Emerson is starting to feel so much better! I hate seeing my baby girl feel so bad, so I’m super grateful she’s getting back to her usual peppy self!

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