Chaotic Monday Morning

Well today started out in pure chaos! Wcome to Monday with five people in the house, right?! Emmie woke up super early again, around 4:45, but luckily she soothed herself back to sleep after a bit. Fast forward to roughly 7am while the boys are getting ready for summer camp, and Gabe realizes he left his tennis shoes in his mom’s car, in South Carolina. And that caused a major meltdown, and a minor fight between the two boys, and some yelling from Daddy.(Just being honest here, folks!)

Then Emerson and I left home at 7:15, and made it all the way to daycare before realizing I didn’t have her school bag with her bottles. So we came all the way back home to grab it! On the way back, we got to see some beautiful morning sunshine in the trees. When we finally made it back to school again at 8:10, Emmie’s friends were eating breakfast, so I strapped her in the tiny chair, while her teacher got her plate ready! Phew, then I finally made it work by 8:35. What a start to the week, huh?

The rest of the day was much more normal and less chaotic, although both mine & Jeff’s office buildings were having A/C issues, and we were both super hot all day long. At lunch, I had some more library holds become available, so I ran there really quick to pick them up. Also, I like their new self-checkout system, because I like scanning the books myself. Megan and I actually used to play “library checkout” when we were little, and this is like the real life, grown-up version that’s almost just as fun. And I’m really looking forward to reading Lauren Graham’s book!

After work, and picking up all three kids, I made spaghetti (with ziti noodles), and we all had dinner together. Emerson ate the noodles and the turkey meat sauce, but loved the meat the most! I couldn’t even believe how much of it she just kept eating!

While Jeff took the boys out to Walmart to get Gabe a pair of tennis shoes, I took Emerson straight to the bath tub after dinner, because little priss was covered in sauce! Even after scrubbing her down, I still smelled the faint aroma of sauce on her while I rocked her to sleep. Maybe it will wear off overnight… Maybe?

As I’m blogging now, Jeff and the boys are almost done shopping, and I’m resting for just a bit. Gonna wash dishes later once they get home, and they will probably play some video games together before their bedtime.

Hope y’alls week started off less chaotic than ours, and hoping Tuesday goes more smoothly!

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