Sweet Sunday & an Exciting Encounter

Today was a great Sunday, y’all! The morning started off with an early morning wake-up from our baby girl around 5:30am. Normally, she sleeps until we wake her up around 7am, so I’m not sure why she woke up so early. I finally got her to take a nap with me in the recliner for an hour, and I loved these snuggles, since they’re so super rare at her current very busy stage.

At church, I had nursery duty in Emerson’s class. It was adorable with 6 little ones crawling & walking around, and their teacher Mrs. Kristina even did a super cute Sunday School lesson for them about helping people. They even put Band-Aids on the photo of the sick man, and then on the baby doll. And it was just all so precious. And of course then they had snack time, which was the highlight with Cheerios & yogurt melts all around. Then Pastor Ronny preached a great sermon on waiting. “God is never in a hurry, but he’s always on time.” If you need a lesson in waiting on God, you can watch the service online here. It was really good.

After church, we picked up pizza and took it home for lunch. And Emmie LOVED the pizza. And she LOVED smiling & laughing at her silly big brothers. After lunch, we played with toys, read books, sketched, napped, played video games, and watched “Black Panther.” One time while Emerson & I were playing in the usual spot in the living room, Ryan just came right over and sat down with us, and started playing with Emmie. It was adorable and so cute, and he was just such a sweet big brother. Emmie then slept for three hours, and was a happy camper when she woke up again!

Then tonight we had a belated Father’s Day dinner for Jeff, since the boys weren’t here last week. We tried to go to Longhorn at 5:30, and there was already a 45-minute wait. No way Jose with a baby… So we went to Dreamland instead, which was great, and kids eat free on Sundays, so that was even better. Then we got gelato from the Urban Food Market, and had a run-in that is perfect proof of how small Tally is!

We met the people that built our house in 1963, and then continued living in it for 50+ years! (Edited to add – Ted, who is now 50-something years old, told us their family moved into the house when he was 6 months old, the same week JFK was shot.) They said they had looked us up on Facebook when we first bought the house, and recognized us tonight. They said they almost didn’t say anything at first, but then Emerson started waving at them, so they finally spoke up! Isn’t that just crazy!? We stood there talking for about 10 minutes, and I showed them pictures from when we painted the wood paneling in the living room last spring. They loved it, and were so happy to know a young family was enjoying their home so much. It was just so neat!

They specifically wanted the “no farting” sign in the back of their boys photo… Such boys huh?

So yeah, today was a good day my friends.

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