Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed

Addison and I were both so excited to see this beautiful pink and orange sky this morning.

And she was just THE happiest and smiley-est little girl. Look how beautiful! Her eyes are just shining so bright, and her blonde hair is so shiny. And goodness gracious I just love this baby girl.

And she had fun all day, playing and painting, and learning to potty!

This sweet little baby girls is still having a rough time with the flu. She stayed home with Daddy today, and mainly just stayed on the couch all day. She told him at one point she was getting bored, so he went to shower, and they were going to just go for a car ride. But he came back to find she had fallen asleep in the recliner. After about an hour, she woke up and cuddled up to him on the couch, and immediately fell back asleep for another hour or so.

I worked until 6pm tonight, and Jeff picked up Addie from school. So when I got home, I just mixed up some tuna, and we had sandwiches and pineapples and Pringles for dinner.

We had some after dinner cuddles, and a video chat with Nana for a while. Then Jeff got the girls calmed down and cuddled up for some Bluey. I went up to our front room to log on to the library-hosted author talk for one of my favorite romance authors, Tessa Bailey. (All those cute covers on the left are books available on Kindle or audio through our library.)

The author talk was fun and interesting, and I liked the interview-style format. Tessa actually posts really informally on TikTok, so I already felt familiar with her kind of dry humor and personality, kinda like I knew her a little already. Hoping the library will host more of these, for authors I like, because I’d love to watch more like this.

It lasted an hour, and I wrote this post really quick towards the end. So by 9:05 pm, when I went out to check on the family, all three of them are asleep in the living room. So I’ll carry the little girls to their rooms, and see if Jeff is going to bed early or if he just needed a little cuddly nap with Addie for a few minutes 😉

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