Mermaid Queen

(Post for Friday, 2/9/24.)

Cute baby Addie Pie in her cute Baby Yoda sweatshirt dress. She has also become obsessed with this monkey lately, and takes it pretty much everywhere.

It was my day to stay home with Emerson, so I went all out making a super fancy at-home coffee. I have seen my church friend Katie make this homemade white chocolate sauce on her Instagram videos, and it looked amazing. I finally got to try it, and it’s so good. This ends up tasting like a fancy coffee shop drink! She got the recipe from two TikTok videos, here and here.

This sweetie pie loves her Pretzel dog so much.

We did some fake nails that she got from church, and they looked cool (and also crazy!) but they only lasted 30 minutes before she peeled them off, when she realized she couldn’t do things normally…

But she did look absolutely adorable in her whole get-up, in which she decided she was the mermaid queen!

Then she helped me get a new recipe into the crockpot for dinner. I actually saw this on TikTok, but then found an actual recipe online. (I doubled everything for the sauce, which was definitely the right decision.)

She has been so bored this week (5 days at home is too many days for a very active, social girl), but we finally got some batteries so she could do her Lite Bright that my step-brother got her for Christmas, and she loved it.

Pretzel cozied up with Emmie’s stuffed dog, and it was just so very cute.

In the afternoon, we ran up to Gilchrist really quickly to pick up a folder of her make-up work, which she will have a full week to finish, since she was out for a full week.

Emmie took a long bath with a bath bomb when we got home, then we just had some cuddle and reading and tv time together, before going back out to pick up Addie from school.

When we got home, I added a little cornstarch slurry to the meatballs to thicken up the sauce a little bit. And this was soooo good. The girls both loved it too. Addison in particular really loved it, and ate about 6 meatballs. Will definitely make this again sometime.

We didn’t do much after dinner (honestly I can’t remember what we did), but we did eventually get the girls down for bedtime…

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