Flu & Fever

Love this cutie and her precious little smile.

But this pitiful, precious girl had to go back to the doctor’s office again today. (She woke up in the middle of the night, with her fever up to 102.6 degrees.) Today they tested for all the things, and the results came back as positive for flu-b. So my poor little girl is still gonna be down for the count for another couple of days. I hate that she can’t get well. I wish I could make it better!

Jeff took Emerson to the doctor, then took her back to spend the day with Grandmommie again. And little Addison had a fun day at school with her friends.

Jeff picked up the girls after work, got them dinner and went straight home. I sang for our Wednesday night service at church, and then came home to take care of this sleepy little snuggle bug.

I’ve been working on a special project at work this week, where we’re allowed to work over time and earn time and a half pay, so I’ve been squeezing in all the time I can (for the pay-week from last Friday through this Thursday). So Jeff is going to stay home with her again tomorrow, and I’ll stay home with her on Friday.

Please pray for a miraculous healing for her though! Saturday she is supposed to go on a little GC kids day-trip called Winter Blitz, and she was going to sing a song for “Fun Arts.” She has been looking forward to it for a long time, and will be so sad if she can’t go, or can’t sing  😢

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