Back To My Usual Self

This little girl was being so super silly this morning at drop off! She’s loving my keys lately, so we always have to bribe her with a plastic set of her own, so I can get mine back.

These next 3 photos came from her teachers at school today, apparently she had important phone calls to make in the first one, & was trying to find a ride home in the third one.

I read this super short (90 pages, with some illustrations) little Kindle e-book today, and it was so cute. It’s a classic children’s story, published back in 1943, that was made into a movie by Netflix a couple of years ago, which is also super cute.

And this little tater tot was exhausted after a busy day at school of phone calls & driving.

Then once Jeff got home, the three of us took a mini walk before dinner, while the pizza was baking in the oven. Hubby took this nice photo of me & my baby girl, using portrait mode on my new Pixel 3! And we were both shocked when I loved the photo of myself (I’m usually hyper-critical), even sans makeup! I’m just really happy today too, so I believe that shows on my face too.

And look at this absolutely gorgeous sky! It was gray, cloudy, & rainy all day long, but then God showed off with this magnificent sunset!

We had two of these mini pizzas – spinach & garlic, and tomato & pesto. Both were delicious, and even Emerson really loved them both!

We played again for a little bit after dinner, and then got Emerson ready for bed. She sucked down her milk, and gave me sweet snuggles while I said her bedtime prayers. She’s just the sweetest little girl, and we had a good night as a little family.

After Emerson was asleep, I got all the dishes washed (from last night, we used disposable tonight) and the kitchen all cleaned up. Sitting on the couch now all cozy with a blanket & a candle.

Last night I was feeling pretty down, but today was much better. Thank you so much to those who were concerned & reached out to me. I had a good day today, and I’m back to my usual self!

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