Greek Food Festival

This morning, we had a special Christmas choir rehearsal at church. So my Grandmother took care of her for us, with my Mama & Aunt Suzanne. I dropped her off on my way to the church, and she was instantly excited to see Grandmommie!

And then these next 7 photos were sent from my Mama and Grandmommie, during their fun morning together.

I came back to their house after choir, and we set up her pack-n-play there, so she could nap after lunch. We got her to sleep around 12:15, and then grandmommie and I sat down to chat. During that time, my sister sent us this photo (and posted it on Facebook), of her adorable baby bump, that just magically showed up these past few days! The triplets are the size of avocados this week!

And Emerson slept soooo long! We kept sneaking in there to check on her (since we didn’t have a monitor), and finally at 4:15 we went in there to purposefully wake her up, she actually had her eyes open! Four hours later!

But she woke up super happy, and ready for snack time!

After playing with Grandmommie for a little bit more, we went by my parents house to pick up my Mama, and we went to the Greek food festival together! We had gyros (my fave!) & fries, followed by Greek frappes.

When we took Mama home, we went inside to see Papa for a while. Emerson stole this Chick-fil-A cup, and was just marching all over the place with it for a solid 15 minutes.

And she convinced Papa to share some of his candy with her.

As we were leaving, my mom gave her this small box of Cheerios to take home. She kept it the whole time in the car, brought it inside, held on to it while I got her out of her clothes, and carried it to the bathroom with us. I had to explain she couldn’t take it in the tub, and she finally let me take it from her.

We kept her up a little bit later tonight, in hopes that she doesn’t wake up super early tomorrow, due to the time change. Crossing my fingers it works at least a little bit.

It was a long, busy, great day, and I was glad I got so much time with my baby girl and with my family today. We’re taking it easy now, and continuing with our Harry Potter marathon, watching #5 tonight.

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