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Love these cute little outfits that Nita’s sisters, Aunt Laura and Aunt Elaine, got for the girls recently. They’re so cute in their matching peachy-colored tank tops together. Besties, for sure!

Addie was eating an animal cracker that Emmie had given her, and we just planned to put on her shoes once we got to school, since she always take them off on the car ride anyways.

After I left, Emerson apparently found a couple of chokers and a little tie-dyed unicorn hat that she needed to wear to school 🙂

Just one pic of little sister at school again today.

Today was finally the first day of the new fall gymnastics session, after a month or so off. And since today was the first day, I took off work early to pick her up from school and take her to the gym. The car rider line right at the end of the school day was a new experience, which took about 25 minutes, in the thunder and lightning, but it wasn’t too bad. But Emmie did such a great job in her class! They did some new stuff she hadn’t done before, and she had so much fun. This crazy face was because her class was about to start and she was a little antsy to get going.

They do most of the class sooo far away from the viewing area seats, so unfortunately, I just can’t get many good photos or videos, but here are a few zoomed-in, grainy examples.



But at least I got a better, cute picture outside after class. And this cute new leotard was a thrift store find a couple months back, on one of our mommy/daughter shopping days together.

After gym, we picked up Baby Addie, and headed on home. Since we were home a little earlier than usual, we had some time to just sit around hanging out together, and not have to rush so much. But then once I did get up to start dinner, this cutie with her piggy tails had to come over and watch from her front row seat.

Then she had to go outside with Daddy to start a load of laundry, and I’m sure she was just the best little helper girl.

I tried a new sweet & sour dinner kit thingy tonight, and it wasn’t all that great. I mean, party of that might be because I didn’t actually cook it the way it said (you were supposed to shallow-fry the crumbed chicken, and I just kinda sauteed it), but the flavor itself just wasn’t that great either. It was fine, but I won’t buy it again.

The girls had a bath after dinner, and I let them eat the last two “homemade popsicles” while they were in the tub, which they thought was the coolest thing (which I stole off an Instagram kid page). They both put on their “Frozen” nightgowns, and we put on “Frozen II,” and they kinda inadvertently took turns sitting on the white chair, watching the movie as closely as possible.

Then of course we started on the bedtime routines, and everything was much more calm and sweet and laid-back tonight. And look how pretty Emerson’s curls were tonight after bath time!

And also, look at this very sleepy little smile, on the face of this exhausted little gymnast. She was so incredibly sweet tonight too.

Addie took longer to fall asleep with Daddy tonight, but she was still calm and sweet and just cuddled up with him on the couch. I’m going to go grab her and lay her down, and then wash some dishes, while Jeff does a little more laundry.

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