At Least it’s NOT Pneumonia

So let’s jump straight in with the good news first – Emerson doesn’t have pneumonia! We went to our regular pediatricians office this morning, and saw the nurse practitioner Mona (my friend Abby had the day off). She said her lungs sounded perfect, and her oxygen saturation was up to 98% today. She said she would call later to get the reading from the radiologist at CHP, then call me with results. Basically, she didn’t think she had pneumonia, but would defer to the radiologist’s reading, since she said it may be so early in the illness that only an x-ray could catch it.

After seeing her, we went downstairs to see Emerson’s cardiologist (their practice is in the same building), for him to look at the enlarged section of her heart on the x-rays. He was super nice, and took the time to look at it right away between patients, then came to talk to us in the waiting room & check on Emmie. He said he didn’t think she had pneumonia, and that her heart was fine.

Then we came back home and played for a while, before my Mama came over. She worked this morning, then kept Emmie during the afternoon so I could go to work for half the day.

Then while I was at work, Mona the NP called to say she had spoken with the radiologist, and her chest x-rays were normal and there was no pneumonia! So praise the Lord for that! That does however mean it’s just viral, and the antibiotics won’t work. So we won’t continue giving her those, and it just had to run its course, which I kinda hate. But at least it’s not pneumonia! She has stayed fever-free for today, so it looks like she’s good to go back to school again tomorrow. Crossing our fingers the fever doesn’t return!

Ok now for a story unrelated to illness… My friend Abby texted me this photo today, saying “Baby Emmie” made Caroline’s (her 3-year-old daughter) thankful tree, and it was the third thing she mentioned. I just melted when she told me that, because it’s so sweet! Carolina really loves her church friends.

Time for another story! My dad travels to and from South Florida a lot for work. He always likes to stop at this place called Rural King, which is kind of like a feed supply store. They almost always sell live chicks and ducks, and he always comments and makes jokes about wanting to get Emerson a baby chick. We’ve even made jokes before about them needing an animal in their house to clean up underneath her seat when she eats, since they don’t have a dog anymore, that they should get a “house duck.”

So my parents went on an overnight getaway to Tampa Sunday & Monday, and my Mama posted this on Facebook…

I told them they could only do that if they kept it at their house! But then tonight when I picked Emerson up from their house (Mama took her over there after her nap), they presented her with a stuffed Mama chicken & a baby chick! Which of course she loved instantly!

At home, she carried around the little yellow baby one for about 20 minutes straight while I cooked dinner.

I made chicken in the skillet a la Pioneer Woman (sauteed in butter & olive oil), plus I add garlic salt & pepper. And it’s so stinking good! So much flavor. We had fresh steamed broccoli, and the leftover rice I made Sunday. It was all really yummy!

Emmie didn’t nap much today, so by 6:40 she was exhausted & ready for bed. We did a super quick bath and a bottle of milk, and she was out like a light. Oh, and you can see her holding on tight to her little chick here again too. She’s also got tucked in with her in the crib, but you can’t actually see it.

After getting her in bed (about 15 minutes earlier than usual), I forced myself to do the dishes & clean the kitchen, even though I really, really didn’t want to. But I started a new audio book, so that helped me get in the groove & get everything done! This is the fourth & final book in this series, and at 23.5 hours, it’ll be the longest audio book I’ve ever listened to! I’m curious to see how many days it actually takes me…

Ok so that felt like a really “wordy” blog post tonight, so thanks for reading so much. I’m thankful for parents who help take care of sick babies, friends with sweet children, clear chest x-rays and a pneumonia-free baby girl!

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