A Pullen Wedding

We had so much fun at the wedding this afternoon and evening! The ceremony location was beautiful, and our niece Avery, the bride, was stunning. (They did a no-phones ceremony though, so no pics of that part.) But lots of other great pics to share!

They did a “mocktail” hour with three signature drinks, and I needed to try all of them! And they were all delicious. They also had a coffee bar, so I went crazy and got an iced latte at 5pm. And they made a special espresso-free drink for emmie, so she could have her own fancy drink.

Matching fingernails with my biggest girl.

Had to take the wild girls outside during the speeches because the littlest girl couldn’t be quiet, but that turned out to be a great time for a few selfies, with no one but us outside!

The girls were crazy on the dance floor, and Jeff got lots of photos and videos of that. I’ll have to share more of those later, but they had the best time, and truly wore themselves out. We stayed late and had a great time, and the girls were asleep super easily once we finally got them in bed around 9:30 cst (aka 10:30 est).

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