Mother’s Day 2024

We’ve had another pretty chill day, just hanging out with all the Pullen’s. We went to church with the whole family, at the church where Jeff’s oldest brother’s family attend and serve. It felt pretty similar to our own church, and it was nice to all go together. (There were about 15 of us, but I don’t have pics of the other two families.)

Oh but first, the girls were sweet and cuddly at home, and Emmie put on some of Nana’s blush.

After church, we did Mother’s day brunch at Greg’s house (the oldest Pullen brother, the father of the bride), with breakfast casserole, fruits, muffins, pastries and juices, before Jeff’s middle brother’s family had to get on the road back to Ohio. Their drive was only about 5 hours, so they went back this afternoon. But since our drive took literally twice that long, we’re not going back until tomorrow. So we hung out chatting and letting the kids play.

This was apparently the first time in decades that my MIL Nita has had all 3 of her sons (and their whole families!) together on Mother’s Day, so that was an extra special gift for her, and I’m glad we could be here to be a part of that and be with everyone! But, I also really missed my own Mama! I called and talked with her and my Grandmother this afternoon, but I’ll need to schedule some special time with them soon too ☺️

But hey, look at this – the wedding photographer (who is a long-time friend of the Pullen’s and actually considered family) started sending out some of the pics from yesterday, so here’s the big giant Pullen family shot. So beautiful!

We went back to our Airbnb for the world’s quickest nap, and then went back to Greg & Angela’s house for dinner together again, since it was our last night.

We stayed as long as we could, and Emerson cried when we had to leave, because she “didn’t want to leave them forever.” We promised we would do more video chats in the future, specifically so she could talk to her cousin Ainsley, who’s just over a year older than her, and who Emmie is obsessed with now.

Then we did the fastest packing-up-job ever, trying to do as much as possible for a smooth, early departure first thing tomorrow morning. This one goofball was not particularly helpful, but she certainly was cute.

And since it was “bay-cation” as Addie says, we stayed up a little too late, watching one too many episodes of Bluey in the giant theater-style game room.

The car is already mostly packed, with about 75% of our belongings. We’ll take some quick showers in the morning, pack up the last-minute stuff still remaining, with hopes to be pulling out of the driveway promptly at 8am. It took us literally 10 hours to get up here a few days ago, with 6 stops for food, potty, and gas. I’m sure it’ll take us that long again tomorrow, but we’re just praying for decent weather and smooth travels!

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