Hot Tub

We’ve had a super chill day today, just hanging out with family, and spending time at our AirBnB house. We had a great breakfast at Waffle House, did some grocery shopping for the weekend, and made a simple fruit salad for lunch.

I got Addison down for an afternoon nap, and that girl was so exhausted from a super late night last night, she napped for almost 3 hours. Jeff and his mom ran around town for a while, so Emerson and I hopped in the hot tub!

We had some more down time after we showered, waiting on more family to make it to town, and for Addie to wake up, and for Nita & Jeff to get back. Then it was time for a nice steak dinner for our party of 13 Pullen’s, which doesn’t even include the 6 more from Jeff’s oldest brother’s family.

They have this amazing chicken & rice soup that comes with all the meals, and these delicious Parmesan rolls as well. Mmmm so good!

After the rest of the family left, we were the last ones finishing up, and Addie walked over and saw this plate of Caesar salad and gasped so big and said “whaaaaat??” Then she swiped some croutons and lettuce.

The waitress gave Jeff a big piece of chocolate cake for his birthday, and these baby birds helped him eat it 😉

Jeff and emmie got in the hot tub again tonight for a little bit after dinner, but it was too hot and Addie didn’t like it. So instead, her and I watched Shrek in the big theater/game room on the giant soft couch.

The girls are now both in their nightgowns, and they’ve had their melatonin gummies. Hoping we get them to sleep much earlier tonight, so we can all get more sleep tonight!

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