A HUGE Announcement!!!

OK first of all, if you missed it, I posted my first 3 cruise blog post recaps today. Click here for Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.

Today was another full day of hurricane prep. Schools were closed, State offices were closed, and we did a bunch of work around the house. Well, first we had egg & cheese bagels, and Emmie ate an entire slice of bread with her eggs & cheese.

We brought all the stuff from the front porch & the back patio into the house, and cleaned up a butt load of crap from our carport. (We were starting to look a little more on the “Sanford & Sons” side of things anyways, so it was overdue.) Our dining room is now jammed full of all the things, and the grill & smoker are back in the boys’ bedroom.

In the midst of all the hurricane prep, Emerson Secille is 15 months old today! She is wearing size 6-month clothes, size 2 diapers, and is approximately 17lbs. She’s still tiny, but that doesn’t slow her down! She absolutely loves to walk everywhere, and loves being outside. Her favorite foods right now are bread & mashed potatoes. Girl loves her carbs! She also knows where her belly button is (& ours), and can point to her nose. And she just started giving kisses! She is also obsessed with all animals, whether real, stuffed, or on the TV. She’s still a great sleeper, and honestly just the sweetest, funniest little girl!

We ran out between working for a quick lunch at Sonny’s. We met my family there (Megan, Bo, parents & Grandmommie), and enjoyed some time together before the storm. Then Jeff went over to help out at his parents house, and his mom came over to love on Emmie, while I did some indoor house chores.

I took a small break from hurricane prep while the Emmie took a short nap, to dive into this new book! I had pre-ordered it, & it arrived last week while we were on our cruise. I was so excited to find it when we got home! These two are my favorites, and I’m looking forward to reading more of their story, since I’ve already read every single journal post on Erin’s blog. And Erin herself liked my post on Instagram!

Then we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner with Jeff’s parents. After a hard day of work, it was good to let someone else cook dinner for us! (I know this is crazy blurry, but she’s constantly in motion.)

And now for the HUGE announcement — My sister and her husband are pregnant! With TRIPLETS! We’ve known for a few weeks, but they finally made the official announcement to the world today! And we are all over the moon with excitement!!

Going to rest a little tonight, and then first thing tomorrow morning, we have a few last minute things to finish up outside, before the worst of the storm starts hitting around noon. If you’re here in Florida, please be safe. And if you’re not, please pray for us! Most likely, about 90% of Tally will lose power at some point. We’ve already seen a bunch of power trucks & line men from other cities & states rolling in, but it’ll still be difficult until we get power restored! So, if we do lose power, I probably won’t be blogging for a few days. Keep us in your prayers, since it’s forecasted to hit as a Category 4!

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