Zoe’s With Grammy

Tonight, Jeff had a deacons meeting at church (and my dad is out of town for work), so Emerson and I had girls night dinner from Zoe’s at Grammy’s house. Grammy got to pick her up from school, and see her new classroom and meet her new teachers. I ordered dinner from Zoe’s online, and ran in to pick it up after work. We hung out and ate dinner together, and that was definitely the best part of the day!

And then she got weirdly obsessed with my old Little Mermaid baby spoon. She didn’t actually want us to feed her with it, but she sure wouldn’t let us take it away from her! Oh, and Grammy bought her a couple new sippy cups, so we tried out one of those. But mainly she just wanted to play with it, and I’m pretty sure she didn’t actually drink anything out of it.

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