Even after a rough, late night last night, my little cuties were super sweet and precious this morning before school. And it looked like Emmie had fun popping out of Daddy’s sunroof at drop-off time!

The chicken I planned to cook tonight wasn’t actually defrosted, so I switched it up and just baked a frozen deep dish pizza instead for Jeff and I, and Emmie and Addie had some random mish-mash of stuff, which Emmie in particular loves those nights.

While the pizza was baking, I cleaned the kitchen and washed up some dishes, and Jeff and Emmie cleaned the living room, put away some clean clothes that had been sitting around for a few days, and he vacuumed too. So then after dinner, everything was nice and tidy, and we had the windows and screen door open, and it felt so nice. I found Addie had set up her little chair like this by the back door all by herself, and she was just looking at the backyard, so quiet and calm and precious.

Then we read a couple of books by the back door, enjoying the nice weather, before getting started on bedtime. We made sure to get to bed on time tonight since last night was so late, and both girls did great and went to sleep quickly and easily.

I’m thinking now it’s time to watch something “Star Wars” related with hubby, for “May the 4th Be With You” day. Emmie actually colored this in after school today, and got this cute bookmark too.

Actually, turns out, the big sister had come back into the living room for some extra one-on-one cuddles with Daddy while I’ve been in the front bedroom writing, so I found this a few minutes ago…

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