Addie Turns Two & Progressive Dinner

Yesterday, Addison turned 2 years old! The old cliche of time moving too fast is so very real when your baby girl turns another year older! She’s so sweet and so silly, and honestly just the best little girl!

And of course my Emerson was just as cute and sweet as always before school.

For lunch on Friday, my work bestie Heather and I went out to the new Mexican restaurant downtown, Pedro’s for our Cinco de Mayo celebration. This place just opened earlier this week, but they were super fast and the food was really yummy.

And then since it was Cinco, I had to make some chicken quesadillas at home for dinner too, and mine also turned out delicious.

And then we had a tiny chocolate cake from Aldi, and put a couple candles in for Addie’s birthday. The three of us sang a sweet little “happy birthday” song to her, and then we tried to get her to blow the candles out. She wasn’t really into that so much, but she certainly loved eating her tiny slice!

And for the few of you very detail-oriented folks that may recognize Addie’s dress from today, maybe it’s because you remember Emmie wearing the same one for her second birthday party, back in 2019! Can you handle this cuteness?! I can’t!

But the computer wasn’t working last night, so I didn’t get to write yesterday’s post, so that’s why yesterday and today are both combined into this one post…


We made cinnamon rolls first thing this morning, and had a slow morning just chilling at home for a while.

Then we finally got dressed and up and moving, to go out and run some errands around town.


We finally made our way to the Dollar Tree for Emerson to spend her tooth fairy money. Not only did the tooth fairy leave her $2, but Grandmommie also gave her $2. She wanted some of her own journaling and scrapbooking supplies, and she was very serious about picking out all the best things for herself, with her little donut coin purse tucked under her arm.

While Emmie and I shopped, Jeff and Addie were next door in Ross, picking out shoes. They didn’t actually get any for Addie, but Jeff did pick some shoes for himself as his birthday present, since his birthday is tomorrow.

We had a quick lunch at home, and then it was nap time for the girls. While they slept, Jeff and I both took a short little 30-minute nap ourselves, and then worked on some chores and laundry around the house.

The girls both took slightly shorter naps today, but they were still sweet and happy when they woke up. Jeff and I then took turns showering and getting dressed, for us to go out for a birthday date night! Nana came over to our house to take care of the girls, and we created a little progressive dinner around town. We started out at Longhorn (with gift cards!) where we shared this spicy shrimp appetizer, and a parmesan crusted steak. Everything was delicious, and our meal was mostly taken care of from gift cards.

Neither of us could open our eyes all the way in the sun after being in the darkened restaurant, but we never re-took the picture later in the evening, haha 🙂

Then the birthday boy wanted fancy ice cream, so we went to Sugar Rush Bar for our first time there. He ordered this peanut butter and chocolate milkshake thing, and I had a couple bites, but mostly let him take care of it.

Then we finished our journey around town at Pop Fun Chew playing video games and eating delicious “Bayou Cajun” popcorn.

And then finally we were back home with our cute baby girls, fresh and clean and smelling so good from their baths.

But girls were up late past their bedtimes though by that point, so we started on their bedtime routines right away, and both were sleepy and went down easily.

It’s been such a great two days with all the fun birthday stuff, and I’m glad Jeff got the computer and website working again, so that I could write this post and share all the fun stuff!


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