Strawberry Jammies

Today was our first day back into the regular school & work routine, with everyone back where we belong.

Love this little progression of photos of Emerson, where she looks so prim and proper and beautiful, then sweet and smiling, then silly & goofy!

I mentioned the other day finding a “fancy” pear mustard from Dollar Tree, well this is it. And it’s really so good. It was with the Christmas stuf, back before Christmastime, so I don’t know if they carry it year round, but I’m definitely going to look for this again in the future, because I always love good sauces, dips & condiments. I’m a sauce girlie.

Love these photos of Addie painting a fuzzy brown bear at school today.

Megan and I both left work at the same time today, so I went straight to Gilchrist to get Emerson, and she picked up Addison when she got the triplets. So when I got to daycare, Addie was in the car with them, and they were sweetly sharing their Cheese-it’s with her.

We’re still working through a bit of the leftover stuff I got for when the boys were her, so we just had a slightly random dinner tonight. But look at these sweet girls saying their dinner prayers together.

These little strawberry jammies were Emerson’s, around the time of her open-heart surgery when she was three, and I love seeing Addie wearing them for the first time this week.

The girls played in a blanket fort for a little while after dinner, then we of course watched Bluey, and got started on bedtime. Both girls did pretty well at bedtime, so now the question is, how long will they both sleep in their own beds!?

Although today was our first day back in the regular routine, all of Leon County Schools, and our daycare, are going to be closed tomorrow due to severe weather, so me and the girls will have another day back at home again tomorrow! Jeff brought his laptop home from work, but they weren’t actually given approval to work from home, so pray for him, and all others traveling into their offices early tomorrow morning!

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