Donuts, Lattes & Sliders

I was in our praise team choir again this morning, so I went to church by myself early, at 8am, and then Daddy brought the girls around 9:30am. They had some donuts in our little cafe area first, before heading off to their classes, and then Jeff actually joined the choir today too.

We had an amazing first church service of 2024, and then had a quick lunch before heading home. We’re going to be reading through the entire Bible this year, which I’ve attempted this challenge in previous years and never made it, so I’m going to try to be much more vigilant about it this time.

Addie wouldn’t take pictures at lunch without holding Daddy’s hand, but that’s pretty stinking sweet.

Oh, and Frother’s Daughter was about 3 minutes from our house today, so I made a quick stop for “Top Tir” lattes for me and Jeff, which was an iced mocha, shortbread and tiramisu latte topped with cheesecake foam and cocoa dusting. And once again, it was so sweet and creamy and amazingly delicious. Everything I’ve ever had from her coffee truck has been so good!

We then proceeded to drink those lattes after getting the girls down for their afternoon naps, and even with espresso running through our veins, I fell asleep for a few of hours on the couch, and Jeff fell asleep for a few of hours in the recliner. Parents are perpetually tired with little’s of this age, am I right?!

By the time I woke up around 5:30, it was just about time to get dinner ready. I mentioned yesterday we had lots of lunch meat leftover from the boys’ visit last week, so tonight I made turkey & colby jack baked sliders, with a butter & honey mustard sauce slathered on top, and these were so good.

Then we just had some pears, chips and Caesar salad, and tada! Super yummy and very easy Sunday night dinner.

We had about an hour to just cuddle up and watch some of the Muppets movie (from like 2011 or whenever it was), before getting started on bedtime. This was a super chill day, which was so nice and much-needed, after the craziness and busyness of the past few weeks and holidays and everything. Tomorrow we’re back to our normal routines with school and work, so that will be nice in some ways, and typical chaos in other ways.

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