Starting A New Book

So y’all know how much I LOVE reading, right?! Even with a little baby around now, I try to sneak in as much reading time as possible when I’m not with her. And y’all I’m like, absurdly excited for this new book I’m reading now! I checked it out from the library a while ago, but just got around to starting it yesterday. I’m about 100 pages in so far (out of 369), and it’s just so good already. It’s called The Darkling Bride, and it’s brand new. Literally, it just came out in April.

It’s one of those “Gothic mysteries” that are just barely creepy & spooky, but also kind of cozy, and just so good. It’s set in Ireland, in a huge castle built in the 12th century. It goes back & forth in time from present day, to 1992, to 1879, all the way back to like 1136-ish (can’t remember exactly). The plot is centered around trying to solve some deaths, and figure out the ultimate mystery that surrounds the Gallagher family and the castle, of the Darkling Bride.

It’s also a book about books, which I absolutely love. One of my all-time favorites (that I just read last fall, and rated 5 out of 5 stars of Goodreads), is The Thirteenth Tale, and TDB reminds me of that some so far. (I.e. – huge old house, mysterious old lady, books, missing/unpublished book of famous author…) Anyways, it’s just really good so far, and I’m excited to keep reading. Especially since I’ve started (and quit) two other books recently that just turned out to be duds, and I’m currently forcing myself to actually finish (listening to) a third dud…

And here’s your daily dose of Emerson! She’s currently cutting THREE new teeth (one top, two bottom), so she’s been a bit more pitiful/fussy than usual. It’s also caused her to start doing this weird underbite thing (I think she’s just trying to press her top & bottom teeth together), which is cute and funny and weird. But she still manages to be the smiliest, giggliest little baby girl!

Side note – she absolutely loved the pot roast we had for dinner tonight. Loved it!

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