Exciting Wednesday

On our little family trip to Trader Joe’s last Friday night, I picked up a jar of their “Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning,” because I’ve heard so so many good things about it. I’ve been trying it out on random things since then (buttered toast, scrambled eggs, egg-in-the-hole, potatoes) but this morning, I tried it on the most-suggested option: avocado toast. And it was delicious!! (I’m now out of avocado & bread, but will definitely stock up again over the weekend.)

For lunch today, Jeff and I ate with some old friends who we haven’t seen much of lately, but they are moving to Indiana in about a week. So we met up with Lacey & Josh at Red Robin, and spent an hour trying to catch up on as much as possible. Which was actually impossible, of course. We also completely forgot to take a photo with them, we were all just too busy running our mouths!

Then tonight we went to church for VBS family night. We had hot dogs outside behind the church, then watched a bunch of cute kids sing & dance to fun songs. And Emmie loved that part! But then when Heisman Trophy Winner Charlie Ward (!!!) got up to speak as our special guest, Emmie wanted to keep singing & clapping… So I took her to her usual Wednesday class, and we found a surprise ball pit!

We did a quick bath/bottle/bed routine once we got home, because that girl was exhausted! But still so sweet & silly!

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