Spaghetti Supper

For lunch today, I went with some work friends to Canopy Road Cafe. Yum! Their food is always delicious, and they did not disappoint today. It was the first time Tammy & Heather had been there, and they both really liked it. We all left stuffed to the gills. I couldn’t even finish my whole meal!

Then tonight, my parents came over for dinner. They are leaving Saturday to go to Dallas, TX, for the Southern Baptist Convention annual conference, with our pastor and some others from our church. So I invited them to come get as much Emerson-snuggles as possible, since they won’t see her for a week. They very quickly agreed, and I decided to just make a fast, simple meal, so we wouldn’t have to waste a bunch of time & energy cooking, or cleaning up!

Side note – I always cook spaghetti {and tacos & chili) with ground turkey, instead of ground beef, and it makes us feel a tiny bit healthier. It’s also less greasy, so I like that you don’t have to drain it after cooking. You ought to try it sometime! Saute the ground turkey with fresh minced garlic & chopped onions, and it’s even better! Also, I added fresh cut rosemary to the meat/sauce from the giant bush in our front yard, and it was so yummy!

OH, and I hardly ever actually make regular spaghetti noodles. I prefer the “short pastas,” like bowtie, or even rotini. Tonight we had penne.

We had a good time chatting about some church stuff during supper (we’ve already started the early preparations for our annual Halloween event!) and playing with Emerson afterwards. She entertained us all with her silly little personality, and we laughed at her goofiness. But she was super exhausted after a busy day, so eventually she had had enough, and needed to go night-night. (Although she of course still fought me about that for at least 15 minutes, because she’s a champion sleep-fighter.) 

Now I’m off to wash the dishes, and listen to the new audio-book I just started today. Remember a few days ago I said I was forcing myself to finish a “dud” of a book? Well I was referring to the Fannie Flagg audio-book I started a couple of weeks ago, which I finally finished this morning, and it was not-so-great. I rated it 2 out of 5 stars on Goodreads. Womp womp. But I’m excited for this new one! I’ve read one other book by this author before, and REALLY liked that one. Both are both WWII novels, which happen to be my favorite. So I have high hopes for it. 

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