Learner’s Permit

Happy Friday! I treated myself today and ordered a sammich (turkey with veggie cheese spread, tomatoes & cucumbers) from one of my favorite places (Goodies), and read my book at the picnic table for my lunch break! It was warm & breezy, but comfortable in the shade. I’m about halfway through this book, and it’s so good! I’ll post about it more when I finish.

Tonight after picking up Emerson, we ordered food at WingStop, to take home for dinner. We got there a little early, so we ran in to Lucky’s Market first. Emerson wanted to drive us home afterwards, but we told her it would be a while before she got her learner’s permit!

I ended up not liking the food, and was super disappointed in that. It all just tasted kinda off, ya know? And even though we asked for “extra well done” fries, they were still kinda soggy & undercooked. Felt like a waste of money, which I hated, but I just ended up eating a bowl of Cheerios for dinner, which definitely didn’t let me down. And Emmie really enjoyed them too.

Now that Emerson is asleep, it’s time for a candle, a blanket, “Mama Mia” on Netflix, and a quiet but fun Friday night cozied up at home! My favorite.

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